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Quartz countertops can be damaged permanently by some cleaners and household chemicals. Product choice is extremely important to keep your kitchen, bathroom, or living room surfaces looking its best. At Quartz Renew, we have high-quality supplies of cleaning and polishing products especially for quartz. Whether you want to restore the luster of your surface or just keep it clean, we have you covered.


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With the sudden growth of the quartz countertop market, everyday repairs on the surfaces have also become a necessity. Some of the damages that need restoring include scratches, chemical burns, abrasion marks, and seam repairs.

Quartz Renew realized the market’s need for access to reliable, top-quality quartz maintenance products. Our company was then developed in the field by Jim Lang, who has been repairing natural stone and quartz exclusively for more than 10 years. With Lang’s expertise in restoring mineral surfaces, he knows what products really work.

Having performed thousands of repairs ourselves, we are confident our full line of products can save you time and money. From polishing slurries to buffing pads, we have what you need. Our products will not only help you remove damage but match the factory finish on most brands of quartz. We proudly offer our products to the professional trade as a means of avoiding remaking counters due to damage.

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