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Have you ever had to replace a quartz countertop for something that happened on the job, during transportation or, worse, for something that was out of your control? It’s an all too common dilemma today, costing shops thousands of dollars each year. From seam polishing to scratch removal, fixing acetone burns and suction cup marks, Quartz Renew™ was developed to help the professional fabricator and restoration company save time and money over replacement. The Quartz Renew™ system offers 4 different products designed to address any challenge you may have with a quartz countertop. Quartz Renew™ Diamond Resin pads, the Quartz Renew™ 4 step diamond felt pads, the Quartz Renew™ Polish and Cleaner.

Quartz Renew was developed by professional restoration experts, to address issues from scratching to chemical burns, to abrasions and even everyday cleaning needs. The Quartz Renew system contains resin pads for seam polishing edge polishing and heavy damage, 4 step felt pads for lighter damage (light scratches, etc.), the Quartz Renew Polish for very light damage and blending finish after diamond polishing. See our live repair videos for more information

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